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There Are At Least 4 Artists Who Go By Aimer 1. Aimer エメ Pronounced Eh-Meh Is A Japanese Pop Singer And Lyricist Signed To SACRA MUSIC And Managed By Agehasprings. She Played Piano In Elementary School And Picked Up The Guitar In Junior High School. She Writes Music In Both Japanese And English And Has A Good Command Of English From Her Experiences Living Abroad. 2. AIMER Sometimes Stylised As "AiMER" Is A Dubstep Producer And DJ From Brisbane Australia. With A Big Passion For Dubstep AIMER Is A Self-Taught Child Prodigy Who Could Not Stop Exploring Melodies Mixed With Robot Noises. She Has Couch-Surfed Her Way Around L.A. Soaking Up The Culture And Was Able To Promote Her Music In One Of The Most Influential Cities In The World. Her Time In LA Saw Her Producing Her Tunes At Disciple Records HQ And Landing A Set At The Hollywood Palladium. From Then To Now She Is Finally Ready To Show The World Her Own Music!!! She Is A Female Artist On The Rise. 3. Aimer Is An Italian Guitarist. Missing Extra Info 4. Aimers Who Can Sometime Be Misspelled As Aimer Are A South Korean Group Of 6 Members Formed Under Dreamus Ent. They Debuted On November 17th 2022 With Their First EP 'STAGE 0. BETTING STARTS'. They Released Their First Single 'Fireworks' And Its English Version On January 27th 2023 And Came Back With Their Second Single Album 'Bubbling' On May 12th 2023 Featuring Title Track 'Bubble' And Track 'Cherish'.

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