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Artist Biography For Claris

Claris Is The Name Of More Than One Artist 1 Japanese Pop Music Idol Unit.
2 Polish Euro House Project. ClariS クラリス Is A Japanese Pop Music Idol Unit From Hokkaido Japan Which Formed In 2009. Formerly A Female Duo Consisting Of High School Students Alice アリス And Clara クララ Alice Left The Unit In 2014 Who Then Will Be Succeeded By Karen カレン . They Started As Nico Nico Singers Under The Name Of アリスクララ AliceClara Where They Began Singing Covers Of Anime Songs And Songs Originally Sung By Vocaloids. These Cover Songs Were Submitted To The Nico Nico Douga Video Sharing Website From Oct 2009~Jun 2010. In Sep 2010 ClariS Was Signed To SME Records And Released Their Debut Single "irony" Oreimo TV Anime OP In Oct 2010. Since Then ClariS Has Released 7 More Singles In 2011~2013 Which Were Used As The MadokaMagica OP Nisemonogatari ED 2nd Oreimo PSP Game OP Oreimo Light Novel Vol.9 Song Moyashimon Returns OP Oreimo. OP And The MadokaMagica Movie Trilogy OP. ClariS Will Release Their 10th Single "STEP" On 2014/04/16 Which Will Be Used As The Nisekoi 2nd OP. They Released Their Debut Album "BIRTHDAY" In Apr 2012 And Their 2nd Album "SECOND STORY" In Jun 2013. Third Album Party Time To Be Released In June 2014 Will Mark Alice's Last Contribution To ClariS. You Can Find Some Of Their Vocaloid And Anime Cover Songs On YouTube While More Information On ClariS Can Be Found At Http //www.Clarismusic.Jp/.

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