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Supercell Is The Name Of More Than One Artist. 1. J-Pop Music Group
2. The DJ Beat Fehlmann
3. A Punk Rock Band 1. Supercell Is A Japanese 11-Member Music Group Led By Songwriter Ryo. They Initially Formed In 2007 As A Doujin Music Group With Ryo As The Sole Member. They Began Their Venture By Making Use Of The 初音ミク Hatsune Miku Vocaloid Singing Synthesizer To Produce Vocals For Songs Submitted To The Nico Nico Douga Video Sharing Website. Among The Songs They Have Submitted To The Website The Song メルト Melt Which Has Views Numbering In Millions Has Piqued The Interest Of An Illustrator Named 119 Pronounced Hikeshi Who Would Later Be The Second Member Of Supercell. 119 Is Currently An Inactive Member. In August 2008 At The 74th Comiket Convention They Released Their Self-Titled Album Supercell Containing Their Most Popular Hits In Addition To Previously Unreleased Songs. On March 4 2009 They Made Their Major Debut After Releasing The Same Album Under Sony Music Entertainment Japan The Labeled Release Included A DVD With Music Videos In Addition To More Tracks. In 2009 They Made A Transition From Hatsune Miku To Having やなぎなぎ Nagi Yanagi Whose Singing Talent Ryo Discovered Through Her Uploads On Nico Nico Douga As Their Guest Vocalist. The Collaboration Produced 3 Singles Starting With "君の知らない物語". The Album's Self-Titled Track Was Used As The Ending Theme To The Anime Bakemonogatari And Was Also Included On The Anime's Soundtrack Album 化物語 音楽全集 Songs & Soundtracks . The Second Track "LOVE & ROLL" Was Used As The Ending Theme To The Movie Cencoroll. The Second Single "さよならメモリーズ" Sayonara Memories Was Released On February 10 2010 It Included A Music Video For The Self-Titled Track. The Last Single "うたかた花火 / 星が瞬くこんな夜に" Utakata Hanabi / Hoshi Ga Matataku Konna Yoru Ni Was Released On August 25 2010. "Utakata Hanabi" Was Used As The 14th Ending Theme For The Anime Naruto Shippuden While "Hoshi Ga Matataku Konna Yoru Ni" Was Used As The Ending Theme For The Visual Novel Mahoutsukai No Yoru. On March 16 2011 They Released Their Second Studio Album Today Is A Beautiful Day Which Was Their Only Album Featuring Nagi As The Vocals. The Album Included All Of The Major Recordings From The 3 Singles In Addition To New Tracks. The Album's Name Was Partly Inspired By The Film 告白 Kokuhaku And Its Theme Song Last Flowers Featured On A Special Release Of The Radiohead Album In Rainbows Ryo Found The Song As Melancholic And Impressive With Regards To Its 'life Is Wonderful' Theme. He Composed The Songs With The Conception Of Starting And Ending With "君の知らない物語" Translating To 'The Story You Don't Know' Which Was Reflected On The First And Last Tracks Of The Album "終わりへ向かう始まりの歌" And "私へ" Respectively As They Shared The Melody Of The Song But With Different Lyrics. After Nagi’s Departure The Band Held Auditions For A Guest Vocalist On Their Third Album. Out Of The 2000 Applicants Two Girls Were Chosen 15-Year-Old Koeda And 17-Year-Old Chelly. Both Of Them Sang The Music Themes For The 2011 Anime Guilty Crown And Released Their First Singles On The Same Year. The Themes From Guilty Crown Sung By Koeda Are Released Under EGOIST The Fictional Band From The Anime . In 2013 The Band Released The Album Zigaexperientia With Koeda On Vocals. Labels Sony Music Entertainment Japan
Members * Ryo Frontman Composer Lyricist Producer * 三輪士郎 Shirow Miwa Illustration * Huke Illustration * Redjuice Illustration * スガ Suga Illustration * マク Mac Illustration And Animation * 宇佐義大 Yoshiki Usa At Wooserdesign Design * 丙8郎 Heihachiro Support In Illustration And Photography * Guitar Support In Illustration * Crow Support * Golv Support Official Site Http //www.Supercell.Jp/index.Html 2. Supercell Project Aka DJ Supercell Is Beat Fehlmann Born 10 Oct 1984 Living In Olten SO Switzerland He Started His Musical Career At The Age Of 11 With Taking Keyboard-Lessons And Playing Music At Several School Parties. At The Keyboard-Lessons And At The Little Homestudio Of A Friend Were The First Self-Made Tracks Born. The Fascination In Electronic Music Tools The Love To All Kind Of Electronic Music And Growing Up In The Trance-Scene Has Made Him To A Real Sound-Freak. In The Year 1999 He Got Infected By The Psychedelic Trance Music-Scene And Until Today He Spent A Lot Of Time In This With Organise Parties Deejaying And Of Course Creating Psychedelic Trance Music. In 2006 With The New Studio He Started The SUPERCELL PROJECT In Which He Puts All The Earned Know-How Last Years Live On Stage And In The Studio. The Result Is A Higher Quality Production And A Diversified Live Show. 3. A Punk Rock Band

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