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Tommelik Ward Born March 16 2000 Better Known By His Stage Name IlyTOMMY Formerly Haroinfather Is A Rapper With Very Catchy And Melodic Songs Such As “princess Bubblegum ” “Forever ” And “Tunnel Of Love.” Emerging In 2017 Under The Alias Of Haroinfather Rapper Tommelik Ward Debuted With A Distinctly Lo-Fi Rap Sound Gloomy Tracks Like "Lonely Nights" And "Slave To The Hurt" Were Characterized By Their Muffled Vocals Pained Stories And Themes Of Inner Turmoil. Through The Early Stages Of 2018 The Rapper Tested New Ideas Releasing The Singer-Songwriter Style Of "We're All Lost" And The Confident Upbeat "Listen." But It Was On "She's My Lover Girl" That The Rapper Would Find His Signature Sound Converting Short Samples Into Mellow Looping Production Ward Used His Low-Toned Vocals To Create One- To Two-Minute Rap Ballads Lamenting Lost Loves And Pining After The Objects Of His Affection. The Rapper's Second Song In This Style The Jazzier "Princess Bubblegum " Became One Of His Breakout Hits And By 2021 It Had Received Over 100 Million Digital Streams. After Closing Out The Year With Similar Tracks Like "Mia Wallace" And "Table For Two " Ward Adopted A Cockier Sound In The Early Stages Of 2019 Working With Savage Ga$p And Keshore For The Hedonistic "It's Only Right To Fall In Love Twice" And Dropping Further Tracks "Lavagirl" And "PEP$I." His Creative Synergy With Savage Ga$p Would Continue In A Second Major Hit The Legend Of Zelda-Sampling "Tunnel Of Love " Followed By The More Melancholy Stylings Of "Please Pick Up" And "Us Vs. The World." A Third Major Hit "Forever " Arrived Shortly After With Its Evocative Sample Of Yuna's "Lullabies " The Track Spun Troubled Romances And Personal Struggles Into An Intoxicating Blend And Soon Garnered More Than 100 Million Streams Online. Ward Moved Into 2020 Alongside Savage Ga$p The Duo Dropped "Maybe It's For The Best " And The "Tunnel Of Love Remix " In Late 2019 Before Collaborating On Tracks "Like Dat" And "I'm Drunk And I Miss You Too" In Early 2020. A Few Solo Tracks Including The Vocally Led "Jennifer's Body " Closed Out The Year Before The Rapper Continued Into 2021 With Tracks "Paris Hilton" And "Tinkerbell." He Built His Love-Driven Rap Sounds On Bare-Bones Samples And Narratives Of Conflicted Romance. His Mellow Approach To The Genre Found A Major Following In The Early 2020s With Tracks Like "Forever" And "Princess Bubblegum" Racking Up More Than 100 Million Streams Apiece.

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