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Artist Biography For Lund

Robert Lund Professionally Recognized As Lund/ℒund Is A Musician Residing In Los Angeles California. He Is Notable For His Cloud Rap Style Characterized By Ethereal Vocals Emotionally Charged Lyrics And Dreamlike Beats. Lund's Artistic Approach Is Marked By An Aspiration To Transcend Conventional Genres Embodying A Genre-Less Ethos. His Musical Journey Began With The Moniker ℒund On Soundcloud Where He Uploaded His Debut Track Titled "Time " Featuring Julia Westlin On March 25 2014. On December 26 2015 Lund Made His Initial Foray Into YouTube With The Song "Fall Away." A Significant Upload To Soundcloud Occurred On December 21 2015 With The Track "破碎 Broken ." The Beat Was Sampled From "Breathe" By LEGS. The Poignant Lyrics Delve Into Themes Of A Terminated Relationship Marked By Infidelity And Contemplation Of Suicide Juxtaposed With The Realization That Death Is Not A Solution. The Cover Art Corresponds To That Of His Album "Gold " Released On October 23 2016. Transitioning To Wider Platforms Lund's First Track On Spotify Titled "Rx Luv " Was Released On October 22 2016. In 2018 ℒund Relocated To Los Angeles To Further His Musical Pursuits. A Notable Collaboration Unfolded In 2020 When Lund Partnered With Lil Skies And Noah Cyrus For A Reimagined Version Of His Earlier Single "Broken." This Re-Release Was Made Available Through Republic Records. Across Social Media Platforms Such As Instagram And Twitter Lund Maintains A Minimalistic Online Presence Often Sharing Posts And Re-Shares Without Elaborate Captions. This Understated Demeanor Has Contributed To His Appeal.

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