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Peace Of Mind by Angela

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Angela Is The Name Of More Than One Artist
1 Angela Is A JPop Duo
2 Angela Is A German 60's Singer
3 ANGELA Is A Konami Beatmania Artist
4 Angela Is Bossa Nova Artist 1 Angela Is A JPop Duo From Okayama Japan Composed Of Atsuko Lyrics Vocals Musical Composition And KATSU Musical Composition And Arrangment Keyboards Guitar . Angela Has Released A Grand Total Of Nineteen Singles Six On A Major Label One Maxi Single One Promotional CD Four Mini CD Albums And Five Full-Length CD Albums One On A Major Label . Additionally Their Music Has Been Featured On Other Anime-Related Soundtrack CDs. Ironically Atsuko And KATSU Did Not Realize That They Were Both Born In The Same Town Of Okayama Until They Went To The Same Music School In Tokyo. There Their Same Origin Allowed Them To Bond Together Into The Earliest Incarnation Of Angela. They Decided To Work Together And They Have Come A Long Way Since Then. Originally Angela Was An Independent Band Performing In Clubs And Otherwise Since 1993 And In 1999 They Made Their Debut With The Single Memories However This Release Went Largely Unnoticed. In 2002 They Were Signed By KING RECORDS After One Of Their Representatives Heard A Song That Katsu Had Improvised From The Ever-Popular Zankoku Na Tenshi No Thesis. After That Their Debut Single Asu E No Brilliant Road Became The Cornerstone Of Success For Angela. This Was Success That Granted Them Several Popular Singles For The Uchuu No Stellvia And Sokyuu No Fafner Anime Series And A Popular Album Sora No Koe -- Success That Granted Them Even A Live Concert In The United States At Otakon 2004 In Baltimore Maryland. Angela's Newest Album "I/O" Was Released In November On King Records And Is Available. They Are Also Known For The Parapara Dance Routine Which Accompanies Asu E No Brilliant Road That "is Very Popular In Tokyo" According To Angela. Angela Performed At Sakuracon 2005 In Seattle Washington And Will Be Performing At CN Anime 2005 In Toronto Ontario Their Live Concerts Consist Of A Background Layer Of Music Arranged By KATSU Beforehand. At The Concert Atsuko Performs A Vocal Track Live As KATSU Performs A Guitar Track Live. Therefore The Songs In All Of Their Concerts Are Pre-Determined To A Greater Extent Than Other Bands.

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