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Spiritbox Is A Canadian Alternative Metal/djent Band From Victoria British Columbia Formed In 2017. Having Toured The World As Members Of The Eccentrically Iconic Metal Band Iwrestledabearonce Vocalist Courtney LaPlante A Member Of IWABO Since 2012 And Guitarist Michael Stringer A Member Since 2015 Wanted To Take Their Intensely Personal And Technical Musical Focus In A New Creative And Personal Direction. This Now-Husband-And-Wife Team Have Worked Extremely Hard At Incorporating Courtney’s Sense Of Vocal Style And Lyrical Quality Hovering Over Michael’s Exquisitely Forceful Guitar Riffs In Their New Band SPIRIT BOX. A Spirit Box Is A Device That Uses Common Radio Frequencies As A Bridge Of Communication With The Spiritual Realm. Spiritual Entities Wishing To Communicate With The Human World Select Certain Words From Music/advertisement/talk Radio To Communicate. It Is Within This Paradigm That Spirit Box's New Self-Titled EP Takes Its Name And Musical Theme. The Band Digitalized An EVP Recording From An Actual Spirit Box And Incorporated The Background Static Heard In Every Track On The EP Tying The Tracks Together And Giving The Entire Project A Specific Commonality. Courtney Describes Their Latest Effort This Way “Personally This Record Is Really Important For Me Because I Finally Was Able To Sing A Lot. For Michael And Me It Is Our First Collaborative Effort Since Getting Married And We Wanted Every Song To Reflect Our Commitment To Structure And Lyrical Emotion Yet Still Maintain A Distinct Vibrancy And Sound. The First Four Songs Are One Long Piece Meant To Be Listened To Together. They Are Called ‘The Mara Effect.’” Adds Michael “We Just Wanted To Focus On The Material And Show Our Talents As Seasoned Professionals But At The Same Time Reflect What Lies Ahead Within A Young And Fresh Vibe Not Something From Grizzly Old Jaded Musicians.” Having Written Songs For IWABO’s Last Two EPs Courtney’s Musical Focus Has Always Been On Lyrics That Reflect Meaning To Her And While Also Speaking To Her Listeners Often Agonizing Over A Single Word Choice In Order To Convey The Exact Imagery Or Message She Wants To Convey. With Spirit Box’s Debut EP The Tracks Continue That Commitment To Both Lyric And Establishing A Coherent Sound Continuing A Narrative That Colors Each Song To Complete A Framework That Courtney Hopes Conveys A Specific Musical Message. Fans Definitely Won't Need A Spirit Box To Receive Their Musical Messages. It's All About The Love. And Obsession. Https //www.Spiritboxband.Com Spiritbox Is Also The Name Of An Alternative Indie Rock Band From The Netherlands
Members Ruben Schimmel | Guitar | Backings
Jasper Janssens | Bass | Backings
Nick Van Eekelen | Guitar
Tomas Dekkers | Drums | Percussion
Hans Meertens | Vocals | Keys​ | Acoustic Guitar

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