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"Diddy" Is A Name Being Used By Two Different Artists - Sean Combs US 1 And Richard Dearlove UK 2 . 1 Sean John Combs Is An American Musical Artist Best Known For His Top 40 Rap Songs And Collaborations. He Is Also Known For His Penchant For Changing His Name Quite Often. Previously He's Been Known As "Puff Daddy" "P. Diddy" "Sean John" "Puff" And "Puffy". Combs Runs The Record Label Bad Boy Records The Clothing Lines Sean John And Sean By Sean Combs A Movie Production Company And Two Restaurants. He Has Taken The Roles Of Recording Executive Producer Of Reality TV Writer Arranger Clothing Designer And Actor. In August 2005 Sean Combs Adopted The Stage Name "Diddy". Dearlove Had Used The Stage Name "Diddy" Commercially Since 1993. In 2006 After Attempting To Resolve The Name Conflict With Combs' Management Dearlove Successfully Filed Suit Against Combs. The Terms Of The Amicable Settlement Ordered Combs To Pay Dearlove "significant Damages" And Barred Him From Releasing Music Under The Name "Diddy" In The UK. 2 Richard Dearlove Is A London-Based Musical Artist Best Know For His Hit Single "Give Me Love" #23 In The UK Charts . He Also Constructed Worldwide Smash Remixes Of Blondie's Atomic #19 UK #1 US Billboard Heart Of Glass #15 UK And Union City Blue. He Has Worked With A Long List Of Artists Such As Robert Palmer Marianne Faithful Dolly Parton Alan Thompson Steve Thomas Wayne G Republica The Sugababes Tall Paul Andy Allder The Tyrell Corporation Rachel Auburn Aetherius MC Kinky Blu Peter Nusta And Donna Summer. Dearlove Is A Popular DJ At A Popular Gay Club Called Megawoof! In London And Runs The Record Labels "Resident Records" And "Megawoof Records" Along With DJ Daz Saund. He Is Currently Working With UK Rapper Rob FT As Well As The San Francisco Opera.

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