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Nathan Fuller April 6 2004 Widely Known As 1nonly Is An American-Born Singer Rapper And Songwriter Born In Las Vegas Nevada. He Is Best Acknowledged For His Hit Single ''Stay With Me'' Accumulating Over 300 Million Streams On Spotify. His Primary Genre Of Music Is Considered ''Aesthetic Rap'' However His Initial Start Of His Musical Career Started With The Production Of "Bedroom Pop" & "Lo-Fi" Generating Songs Such As "Forever In Love" "Sorry I Like You" "I Fell In Love With You One Night In June" & "Pretty Girl". Born In Las Vegas Nevada 1nonly First Dabbled In Garageband In Music Class Often For Fun Without Any Real Serious Intent. However 1nonly's First Known Song Forever In Love Would Be First Uploaded To Soundcloud On The 16th Of January 2019. This Sparked The Production Of His Bedroom Pop Genre Of Music. However His Very First Song Clear Skies Was Published In 2018 And Was Emo Rap. His Songs Were Regarding Love And Delicate Emotions Often Ran By A Lofi-Style Hip-Hop Beat. This Genre Of Music Would Continue With Small Differences Such As The Addition Of Stronger Bass And Percussion Until The 18th Of June 2020 As The Release Of "Doc Martens" Would Be The Song That Kickstarts His Now Present Day Genre Of Aesthetic Rap. This New Wave Of Rap Wouldn't Have Been Popularised And Formed Without 1nonly's Own Inspirations Of Lil Peep $not And Many Other Artists That Helped Shaped This New Genre. After Realising The Success Doc Martens Received He Would Later On The 15th Of August Release Now A Widely Recognized Song Bunny Girl. This Song Was A Massive Success Receiving Over Tens Of Millions Of Streams Across A Multitude Of Platforms And He Would Later Upload An Official Music Video To Part With The Song To YouTube. He Continued To Stick With The Aesthetic Rap Genre And Would Go On To Make Memorable Songs Such As "Shakira!" "Lovely" "Fuck You!" Etc. On The 11th Of October 2020 1nonly Would Go Onto To Release His New Song "Stay With Me". This Song Would Reach Records He Had Not Achieved And By Date Of Creation Has Amassed Over 150 Million Streams On Spotify Causing It To Go Platinum. His Unique Style Of Lyrics And Use Of TikTok Famous Songs As Sample Truly Secures An Devoted Audience. He Would Eventually Be Exclusively Signed To Warner Records. 1nonly Is Known For Collaborating With Many Artists To Name Lilbubblegum Shady Moon Ciscaux And Other Popular Underground Artists Such As Freddie Dredd And Jasiah. He Has Also Been Featured On Softwilly's YouTube Channel In Their Video "We Made A BANGER Album On Discord" And Sang On ILY BABY - 1NONLY X SHADYMOON X VOID X LARRY And CHROME BERETTA Ft. Satori Zoom Void & Lex Pain . He Is Currently Part Of The Rap Collective "The World Is Yours". 1nonly's Most Notable Producers Are Nategoyard $UPREME And Shenrxn. As Of Lately 1nonly Has Changed His Style Of Making Music Focusing On Shaping His Own Sound And Moving Away From The Aesthetic Rap Genre. His Other Biggest Hit "Step Back!" Featuring SXMPRA A Phonk Rap Type Beat That Has Amassed Over 100 Million Streams With The Song Blowing Up On Tiktok And A Music Video Published Onto Youtube. This Goes To Show His Versatility In His Art And The Switch Up On His Sound In Which Was Carried Over From His Music He Made In 2020-2021.

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