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More Than Words by Hitsujibungaku

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Hitsuji Bungaku 羊文学 Is A Rock Trio From Tokyo Whose Name Translates To "Sheep Literature". They Started In 2011 When They Were Freshmen In High School. The Members Are Moeka Shiotsuka Guitar Vocals Hiroa Fukuda Drums And Yurika Bass . Originally A 5-Piece All-Girl High School Band That Covered Songs By チャットモンチー GO!GO!7188 And Sambomaster They Began Writing Their Own Songs And Performing Locally Around Tokyo. In 2013 As High School Seniors They Were Finalists In The Yokohama Highschool Music Festival. To Concentrate On Studying For University Entrance Exams The Band Went On Hiatus But Reunited As A 3-Piece And Began Playing Shows Again In March 2015. Their Music Shares The Same Soulfulness Dark Lyrical Content Emotional Power And Sonic Intensity As リーガルリリー And きのこ帝国's Earliest Material.

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