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A Big Band Is A Type Of Musical Ensemble Associated With Playing Jazz Music And Which Became Popular During The Swing Era From The Early 1930s Until The Late 1940s. A Big Band Typically Consists Of Approximately 12 To 25 Musicians And Contains Saxophones Trumpets Trombones And A Rhythm Section. The Terms Jazz Band Jazz Ensemble Stage Band Jazz Orchestra And Dance Band Are Also Used To Refer To This Type Of Ensemble. This Does Not However Mean That Each One Of These Names Is Technically Correct For Naming A 'big Band" Specifically. There Are Two Distinct Periods In The History Of Popular Bands. Beginning In The Mid-1920s Big Bands Then Typically Consisting Of 10–25 Pieces Came To Dominate Popular Music. At That Time They Usually Played A Sweet Form Of Jazz That Involved Very Little Improvisation Which Included A String Section With Violins Which Was Dropped After The Introduction Of Swing In 1935. The Dance Form Of Jazz Was Characterized By A Sweet And Romantic Melody. Orchestras Tended To Stick To The Melody As It Was Written And Vocals Would Be Sung Sweetly Often In A Tenor Voice And In Tune With The Melody. Big-Band Every artist, every band, and every song you can imagine, from the newest to the oldest, are easily accessible through Frogtoon Music. Get ready to indulge yourself and allow the music to enrich your soul, ignite your passion, awaken your emotions, and bring back some beautiful memories. The following is a directory of top artists and bands from Big Band: As you visit their pages, you will be presented with a list of popular videos, top tracks, recommended mixes, and music from all the albums they released. In addition, within each page, you can access and discover music from similar artists and bands.