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On “Bite Me” ENHYPEN beg for their significant other to mark them to prove that they’re meant to be together by their destiny. Going according to the “vampire” concept of this entire comeback, in the official title track logo near the end of the music video (2:59) right underneath the title states the following; "You and I are connected through ‘blood’ This mark on our neck is a sign of destiny I am willing to give up my trifling power and eternity to you as long as I can protect you I will gladly accept the destiny I chose" Heading back to both the songs lyrics and the albums concept, a vampire is a mythical legend about a human-like creature with fangs, fair skin, and red eyes. Their survival depends on the amount of blood received from sucking human necks and if they’re hidden from sunlight. So simply throughout the entire song, ENHYPEN want to conclude their relationship with a mark on them and theirs partners neck, sealing their destiny to be together. Surprisingly, in the music video, ENHYPEN go on a journey through a variety of dark, creepy, and vintage scenery after the moon turns red—meaning a blood moon has started. Additionally, this is the lead single to their May, 2023 mini-album, DARK BLOOD. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.