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Private Line

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Private Line

Private Line was originally formed in the mid-90s (1996 in Helsinki, Fi) by Sammy, guitar player Jari and some of their school mates. Eliaz the kid in the block. erm.. at school some years earlier - joined the band shortly after meeting Sammy at a house party. They soon came to notice it was not only music they shared in common but found themselves interested in the overall wisdom of Rocknroll Decadence as well. Private Line won a band competition and used the prize money to record and release their first EP in 1998.

Artist Tags For Private Line

1) Finnish 2) Rock 3) Seen Live 4) Glam Rock 5) Hard Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Private Line

1) Broken Promised Land 2) 1-800-Out-Of-Nowhere 3) Already Dead 4) Forever And A Day 5) Little Sister 6) While God Saves I Destroy 7) Live Wire 8) White-Collar Crime 9) Cheerleaders & Dopedealers 10) Uniform 11) Selflove-Sick 12) Last Night on Earth 13) Bleed 14) Dead Decade 15) Sound Advice 16) Evel Knievel Factor 17) Alive 18) Prozac Nation 19) Billion star hotel 20) Gods of rewind 21) The SINdicate 22) Anyway 23) (Prelude) For The Daredevils 24) Deathbedtime Stories 25) Black Swan 26) Virgin Suicide 27) Grown Like Others 28) Ghost Dance 29) 13th Step from the Grave 30) Deathroll Casino 31) Downstairs Upstairs 32) Superstar IQ 33) Heroes 34) Makin' A Mess Since '77 35) Meltdown Town 36) Down Came The Rain 37) Crack In Reality 38) Wake Up 39) Live, learn and grow apart 40) Sleep Tight 41) Poison Heart 42) Drive-In Salvation USA 43) TOKYO 44) NEW CHURCH 45) While-Collar Crime 46) Criminal 47) Castaway holiday 48) Sleep Tight (bonus track) 49) Junkies Love 50) Sweet & Sour Desire

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