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the wild wild

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For the wild wild

Having grown restless with the familiarity of the American midwest, Benjamin Dunn left his childhood home of Illinois and embarked on a journey that would forever change his life. Like Kerouac’s motley crew in 'On the Road', Dunn headed West one hitchhike ride at a time, searching for something more meaningful. He emerged along the California coast and headed north, where he slept along the beaches under a canopy of stars. It was in Santa Cruz where

Artist Tags For the wild wild

1) Indie Rock 2) Synth Pop

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For the wild wild

1) When We Were Young 2) Alright 3) When We Were Young (Panama Wedding Remix) 4) Kids of the Sun 5) Hope You Don't Mind 6) Young Blood 7) Sing 8) Sunshine 9) When We Were Young - Panama Wedding Remix 10) I Don't Care 11) Caspian 12) Like A Phoenix 13) The Island 14) Pacific Avenue 15) Mrs Low (Panama Wedding Remix) 16) Into The Sea 17) Sail To The End 18) London 19) Stereo 20) The Astronaut 21) When We Were Young (Savoir Adore Remix) 22) Mrs Low 23) When We Were Young - Acoustic 24) When We Were Young - Prague Remix 25) Wake Up 26) It's Not The End 27) Into The Stars 28) Fires 29) Here She Comes 30) Wilderness Lights 31) Ghost Of 1941 32) 0 Fade 33) Tangerine 34) Love So 35) New Ghost 36) Aquarius 37) Love Is God (Perfect Mirrors) 38) Between Zero & One 39) Heavy Heart 40) Be Here 41) The Most Beautiful (Memo) 42) Everybody's Famous (Demo Version) 43) Tangerine (Panama Wedding Remix) 44) When We Were Young - Savoir Adore Remix 45) When We Were Young (Acoustic) 46) Love Is God 47) We Bleed Neon Final (Demo) 48) Lend Us Your Melodies (Demo) 49) When We Were Young | Fluxfm - Die Alternative Im Radio. 50) Love Won't Let You Go (Demo)

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