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Kill Bill by Sza

Биография артиста Sza

Солана Роу Род. 8 Ноября 1989 Года Более Известная Под Сценическим Псевдонимом SZA - Американская Автор И Исполнительница Из Мейплвуда Штат Нью Джерси. В Октябре 2012-Го Роу Самостоятельно Выпустила EP Под Названием See.SZA.Run А Через Год Последовала Вторая EP Получившая Название S. В Июле 2013-Го Было Объявлено О Ее Подписании На Инди-Лейбл Top Dawg Entertainment. В Апреле 2014 Года Была Выпущена Третья EP Z.

Frogtoon Музыка - Информация о песне: Kill Bill

"Kill Bill" Is About The Intensity Of Unresolved Feelings In A Relationship Particularly When The Other Person Has Moved On. The Narrator Is Expressing Her Frustration Jealousy And Pain From Her Partner Moving On And Thus Fantasizes About Getting Revenge By Literally Killing Them And Their New Partner. She Realizes This Isn't A Wise Plan And Is Struggling To Accept That The Relationship May Not Have Been Meant To Be And Has Reached A Point Of No Return. Ultimately Her Angry Feelings Power Her To A Place Of Acceptance And She's Able To Find Closure In The Knowledge That At Least She Put Forth Her Best Effort. The Song Gets Its Title From Kill Bill 2003–2004 A Martial Arts Film Duology That Focuses On An Assassin Named The Bride And Her Quest To Exact Revenge On Her Ex-Boyfriend Through Murder. Mirroring The Films' Plot The Song's Lyrics Discuss SZA's Fantasy To Kill An Ex-Boyfriend And His New Girlfriend Out Of Jealousy.

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