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Leonie is a French pop rock band founded by the brothers Frédéric and Marc Pradel, as the singers but also guitarists, violinists and trumpeters, with Alban Soulié shortly joining as the drummer and programmer replacing former drummer, Jérémy Mondolfo, circa 2014. Founded in the 2000s, the band was an adventure with higher studies in violin and trumpet. It was created in a town by the seaside, Sables-d'Olonne, located on the French west coast. During the time, surf culture was closely linked to rock and evenings. The name band name, Leonie, coming from the first name of a young girl the brothers let in their adolescent years. The band's music is inspired by sounds and melodies of British pop and surf sounds of the sixties. They prefer singing in their native language, French, to make a clear and simple message.

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