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Betrayed by Lil Xan

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O Rapper Californiano Diego Leanos nascido Em 6 De Setembro De 1996 Conhecido Profissionalmente Como Lil Xan Estreou Com Um Som Drogado Que Ajudou A Impulsionar Sua Faixa "Betrayed" Para O Sucesso Viral. Entregando Rimas Emotivas Focadas Em Sexo Drogas E Comportamento Hedonista Sua Música Caiu Em Algum Lugar Entre Contemporâneos Como Lil Uzi Vert E Lil Peep. Nascido Diego Leonas Em Redlands Xan Surgiu Em 2016 Com Músicas Como "Sorry" E "Center Fold" Read More On Last.Fm

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This Is One Of Lil Xan’s Most Popular Songs And It Focuses On His Struggle With The Use Of Xanax. On The Track Xan Talks About The Girls That He’s With The Drugs That He Does And The Bad Side Effects Of Taking Xanax. This Song Started Blowing Up After Popular Rap Music Video Director Cole Bennett Made A Music Video For The Song. “I Was With My Homie Steven And. We Record Out Of A Really Ghetto Garage. “Slingshot” “Betrayed “ All Those Songs Were Recorded In A Ghetto Bougie Garage. It’s Just A Vibe You Know? The Writing Is Easy There. It Just Comes Naturally. In Bigger Studios I Can’t Really Catch A Vibe Like That. I’m Not Gonna Lie I Probably Wrote That Song In 20 Minutes But I Knew When I Wrote It This Was Something Different That People Haven’t Heard From Me Yet. I Went In Laid It Down And Everybody Was Fucking With It Heavy So It Was Insane. It Was Probably One Of The Last Days I Did Xans. The Song Is An Anti-Xanax Song. You Can’t Deny That. The Song Is About Not Taking Drugs. I Was Off A Xanax That Day When I Made That Song And I Feel Like It Helped Inspire It But I Realized That It’s Bad. I’m Off That Shit Completely Now. But I Definitely Think It Helped The Creativity For The Song.“ “People Call Me A Poser All The Time. They’re Like “You Don’t Do Xans. You’re Lil Xan And You Don’t Do Xans?” I Was Painfully Addicted To Xanax For Like Two Years Of My Life So Anybody Trying To Tell Me I’m A Poser Can Shut The Fuck Up. Because I Know What It’s Like To Be Addicted To That. And I Was Lucky Enough To Get Off Of That Shit. A Lot Of Rappers Don’t Really Be Talking About Not Doing Drugs. The Opposite Way. It’s Refreshing.“ - Via Genius Annotations Read More On Last.Fm. User-Contributed Text Is Available Under The Creative Commons By-SA License Additional Terms May Apply.

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