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Big Poppa E is the stage name of slam poetry performer Eirik Ott. His best known work is the performance poem The Wussy Boy Manifesto, a humorous rant championing sensitive men that elevates such cultural icons as Duckie from Pretty in Pink and Lloyd Dobler from Say Anything to role models. Debuting in 1999, The Wussy Boy Manifesto garnered widespread attention, prompting Ms. Magazine to name Big Poppa E "an icon for effeminate males" and The Los Angeles Times to proclaim him the "leader of a new men's movement." His live performances combine poetry, stand-up comedy, and dramatic monologue in high-energy rants about relationships, pop culture, and hot button issues of the day. He is the author of five chapbooks of poetry and prose (The Wussy Boy Manifesto, Missing, Exploding Heart, Big Poppa E's Magic Poetry, and his latest Come Destroy Me), two collections of haiku, two CDs of live recordings (Wussy Boy and B-Sides), and a DVD (Couches Across America). He has also published nearly twenty zines since 1992 as well. Big Poppa E's website, including many free clips, is

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