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The Saxophone also Referred To Simply As Sax Is A Conical-Bored Transposing Musical Instrument Considered A Member Of The Woodwind Family. Saxophones Are Usually Made Of Brass And Are Played With A Single-Reed Mouthpiece Similar To That Of The Clarinet. The Saxophone Was Invented By Adolphe Sax In 1841. He Wanted To Create An Instrument That Would Both Be The Loudest Of The Woodwinds And The Most Versatile Of The Brass And Would Fill The Then Vacant Middle Ground Between The Two Sections. He Patented The Sax In 1846 In Two Groups Of Seven Instruments Each. Each Series Consisted Of Instruments Of Various Sizes In Alternating Transposition. The Series Pitched In B And E Designed For Military Bands Has Proved Extremely Popular And Most Saxophones Encountered Today Are From This Series. A Few Saxophones Remain From The Less Popular Orchestral Series Pitched In C And F. While Proving Very Popular In Its Intended Niche Of Military Band Music The Saxophone Is Most Commonly Associated With Popular Music Big Band Music Blues Early Rock And Roll Ska And Particularly Jazz. There Is Also A Substantial Repertoire Of Concert Music In The Classical Idiom For The Members Of The Saxophone Family. Saxophone Players Are Called Saxophonists. Read More On Last.Fm. User-Contributed Text Is Available Under The Creative Commons By-SA License Additional Terms May Apply. Saxophone elke artiest, elke band en elk nummer dat je maar kunt bedenken, van het nieuwste tot het oudste, is gemakkelijk toegankelijk via Frogtoon Music. Maak je klaar om jezelf te verwennen en laat de muziek je ziel verrijken, je passie aanwakkeren, je emoties doen ontwaken en mooie herinneringen oproepen. Het volgende is een lijst met topartiesten en bands van Saxophone:

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