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Defiance by Suburban Man

Biografie van de kunstenaar Suburban Man

Suburban Man Is A Punk Rock Band From Kuwait Founded By Ahmad Al-Hamily Ahmad Sirat Sherjeel O'Neil And Bakr Al-Bakr In 2007. Origins And Ethics The Band Set Course To Bring True DIY Ethics To The Rock Scene In Kuwait Which Is Unintentionally Happening In The Country Via The Contributions Of Many Bands Self Recording And Promoting Themselves. The Do It Yourself DIY Ethics Is Made Famous By The 1980s Hardcore Scene Back In The US. Inspired By Such Suburban Man Is Trying To Self Make Produce And Promote Music Within Such Ethics With Intentions To Help Everyone To Play Music.
Inspired By The 1980s Underground Group Big Black Which Used A Drum Machine As The Core Of The Music Suburban Man Began Writing And Recording. The Two Releases No Label Label And The Struggle The First Release Of The Band Was The Amateur Produced Eight-Song Easy To Handle Which Saw The Departure Of Several Members But The Project Saw Light On August 18 2010. A Year Later The Band Consisting Of Bakr Al-Bakr And Ahmad Al-Hamily Worked On The Second Album Contemplating The Suburbs Which Was Better Than The First Release Quality And Musicianship Wise And It Was Released On September 3rd 2011. The Albums Were Uploaded At Www.Kuwaitmusicengage.Com Through The Suburban Man Releases And Other Bands Contributions The Non-Profit Label "No Label Label!" Was Born As A Flagship For DIY And Community Music With A Mission To Allow Everybody To Get Involved In Music. Lacking The Venues To Play Their Music The Band Made Played To A Minimal Amount Of Audiences At Their Practice Place And Other People's Residents Which Are The Only Current Options For The Moment. 2012 And The Future With The Addition Of A New Member Bader Al-Naseem The Band Will Persevere And Continue To Work On Making Music

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