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Atheist Rap is a punk rock band from the city of Novi Sad, Serbia. It was formed in 1989 by Aleksandar Popov (Dr. Pop) and Vladimir Kozbašić (Pećinko), who merged with a hard core band Fluorel Tačkaš members Vladimir Radusinović (Radule), Zoran Zarić (Zare) and Aleksandar Milovanov (Atzke). The band made first recordings in 1990 and planned to release them by the Croatian label Jugoton Zagreb, but the album never appeared due to the war. Zarić died in 1997 and was replaced by Zoran Lekić (who previously played in Luna and Obojeni Program). Kozbašić left the band in 2001 but remained their manager. Atheist Rap is often characterized as "happy punk" due to its cheerful music and vocals. Their lyrics are usually criticism of society and politics and are often humorous accounts of some every day events. Typical songwriting of theirs is demonstrated in three songs about a Wartburg and a Trabant vehicle ("Wartburg limuzina", "Blue Trabant" and "Car Core"). Atheist Rap often incorporates recognizable themes from other bands in their songs. E.g: * "Tomi Gan" uses the theme of The Clash's song "Tommy Gun." * "Pomocni - đubre" starts with a recognizable Smoke on the Water riff, and uses a catch phrase "o, da li?" (oh, is it so?) taken from Obojeni program's song "O, da li." * "Tetoviranje" sounds like a parody on Ekatarina Velika's song "Tattoo." While Ekatarina Velika uses a phrase "tattoo on chest", Atheist Rap changes it to "tattoo on ass." Discography * Maori i Crni Gonzales (Scorned Records 1992, Take It or Leave 1994 on tape and 1996 on CD) * Ja eventualno bih ako njega eliminišete (forming an acronym Jebanje - Fucking) (PGP RTS 1996) * II Liga Zapad * Osveta crnog Gonzalesa * Price Matorih Pokvarenjaka

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