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"The Living Tombstone" Is A Joint Music Project Between Yoav Landau And Sam Haft. The Project Began When Yoav Started The Project In The Form Of Their YouTube Channel In 2011 Which Has Over Five Million Subscribers As Of 2021. Sam Haft Refers To The Living Tombstone As An 'internet Band' While The Channel's Official Description Calls It A Musical Project. Yoav Landau Is A Musician From Tel Aviv Israel Who Produces Original Music And Remixes. He Was Born On April 4 1992 And His Style Is Experimental And Takes Influences From Rock And EDM Genres. His Twitter Account Is @YoavLandauTweet And Was Created In 2022. Sam Haft Is An Actor And Writer From London England. He Was Born In 1990 And Contributes The Rap Vocals In The Band's Newer Songs And Also Sings. His Twitter Is @SamHaft. In The Past The Project While Under Yoav Landau's Sole Ownership Produced A Lot Of Fan Music In The Brony Community And Would Often Collaborate With Other Artists In The Community Such As Mic The Microphone And WoodenToaster. Yoav Landau Was Formerly Part Of The Band Twenty Ten While Active In The Brony Scene.

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