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There Are 3 Artists With This Name 1. The Garden Is An American Art Rock Duo From Orange County California Formed In 2011 By Twin Brothers Wyatt And Fletcher Shears. The Duo Released Their Debut Album The Life And Times Of A Paperclip In 2013 With Several Smaller Releases Following. In 2015 The Group Released Their Second Studio Album Haha Along With The Lead Single "All Smiles Over Here " To Critical Acclaim After Being Signed To Epitaph Records. They Released Their Third Album Mirror Might Steal Your Charm On March 30 2018. Their Fourth Album Kiss My Super Bowl Ring Was Released On March 13th 2020. Their Most Recent Album Horeshit On Route 66 Was Released September 8th 2022. The Band Is Known For Their Fast Punk-Influenced Two-Piece Bass And Drum Songs With Both Their Music And Image Being Characterized By "DIY Principles Thrift Store-Cum-Glam Fashion Style And A Vast List Of Influences." The Brothers Classify Their Sound As "vada Vada " A Philosophy Which Wyatt Shears Describes As “an Idea That Represents Pure Creative Expression That Disregards All Previously Made Genres And Ideals”. 2. The Garden Was A Gothic Rock / Ethereal Wave / Shoegaze Band From Pittsburgh PA United States. The Band Was Formed In The Autumn Of 1985 With The Intentions Of Pursuing A Sound That Was Not Only Unique But Also Moving. And Through The Years Anthony LaCava Christine Sacramento And Stephen Marlette With Accompaniment By Shelly O'Keefe On Bells/keyboards Followed This Dream By Creating Many Songs Of Great Substance. The Band Emerged With An Intensely Uncommon Sound Drawn On Electronic Drum Tracks And Dark Ambient Guitar Mixed With Rhythmic Bass Heartfelt Lyrics And Strong Vocals.
Often Described As "Pittsburgh's First Gothic Rock Band" The Garden Has Sustained A Rather Faithful Following. Tanya Kavalkovich Joined The Band In 1996 With Her Lyrical Violin Contributing A New Warmth And Beauty To An Already Compelling Sound. Opening For Such Acts As And Also The Trees Wolfgang Press Throwing Muses Faith And The Muse Strange Boutique Spahn Ranch Gargoyle Sox Of A Mesh FourWay Cross This Ascension. The Curtain Society Bella Morte Eva O.
Heavy Employment And Academic Demands Forced Stephen To Leave The Band In 1997. Christine Anthony And Tanya Formed A New Band With Drummer James And Vocalist Patricia Called Between The Waters 3. The Garden Is A Collaboration Between David Tagg And Hakobune. It Isn’t Often That Collaborative Projects Bear Such Bountiful Fruit Right From The Start Of Their Conception But Sometimes Nature Seems To Have Another Motive In Mind And We’re Given A Very Special And Very Unique Result. Hailing From Near-Opposite Sides Of The Globe David Tagg And Takahiro Yorifuji Also Known Here At Install And Elsewhere As Hakobune Decided To Combine Their Complementary Approaches To Ambient Guitar Music And Make Something New Together.
"In Sea-Land" Certainly Conjures Images Of Organic Growth In A Surreal Landscape And The Album Colors In The Empty Spaces With Watery Blue Melodies Submerged In Ocean Water And Triumphant Overarching Towers Of Weathered Stone Drones Surrounded By Sea Spray And Thin Clouds. Both Similar To What David And Takahiro Have Individually Created Before And Also Unique To Itself These Two Men Have Found An Alchemical Assurance In Combining Their Crafts With The Garden. Sure To Please Fans Of Either Musician’s Work Or Anyone Who Appreciates Gentle Guitars Unspooled Over A Canvas Of Water And Green. Deep And Lush Alive And Vibrant. A Multifaceted Pleasurable Listen For The Hot Summer Months.

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