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TEMPOREX Is A Musical Project By Joseph Flores From San Diego California. Embarking On His Musical Odyssey From A Young Age Flores Is A Multi-Instrumentalist Composer And Producer. He Is Often Acknowledged As A Synthpop/electronic Artist Has Cultivated A Distinctive Sonic Palette Combining Soothing And Invigorating Elements Of Indie Electronic And Bedroom Pop. Before Delving Into The Realm Of Music Flores Explored Graphic Design. While Participating In A 2D Art Class During His High School Years He Recognized The Latent Potential In His Unconventional Approach To Design And Endeavored To Launch A Clothing Line. This Endeavor However Met With Limited Success. This Outcome Didn't Surprise Him As He Had Trouble Forming Connections With Like-Minded People In San Diego When He Was Growing Up In Barrio Logan And Mission Hills. Rather Than Socialize Flores Spent A Lot Of Time Alone In His Bedroom Working On Projects. Apart From Graphic Design Flores Also Began Tinkering With Music Software During His Sophomore Year. His Commitment To Music Deepened After Discontinuing His Clothing Line Culminating In The Release Of His Debut Album "Care" In November 2016. The Album Was A Creation Stemming From His High School Years. Comprising 11 Tracks "Care" Emanates A Tranquil And Ethereal Ambiance Spanning A Concise 20-Minute Duration. Crafted Entirely Within The Confines Of His Bedroom The Album Epitomizes The Essence Of Bedroom Pop With Even Vocals Recorded Through The Microphone Of His Apple Earbuds. In Recent Years TEMPOREX Has Further Solidified His Presence With His Sophomore Album "Bowling " Released After A Successful Debut With "Care." Despite Not Having A Prominent Local Following In San Diego TEMPOREX's Music Has Reached A Broader Audience Through Online Platforms Contributing To His Rise In Popularity Within The Indie Music Landscape. With A Distinct Lo-Fi Sound And A DIY Production Approach TEMPOREX Continues To Make A Lasting Impact Positioning Himself As A Promising Figure In The Indie Music Realm. TEMPOREX's Musical Talents Have Led To Collaborations With Notable Artists Such As The Glitch Mob Skrillex Flume Rustie And Jai Wolf. His Compositions Have Found Their Way Into Diverse Television Shows And Films Such As Appearances In Aquaman The Walking Dead And Stranger Things.

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