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There Are At Least Three Artists Known As Syko 1. SyKo Also Known As Trenton Mondragon Born January 1 2001 Is An American Hyperpop Producer Hailing From Dallas Texas. SyKo's Musical Journey Commenced At The Age Of 14 When He Started Crafting EDM Beats. However He Temporarily Abandoned This Path And Picked Up Vocal Work Four Years Later On Christmas Day. His Breakthrough Came With The Release Of #BrooklynBloodPop! In 2020 Which Officially Dropped On June 18th Though It Had Been In The Works For Approximately Seven Months Starting Around January. The Song's Inspiration Draws From A Diverse Range Of Influences Spanning From The Pop Icon Era Exemplified By Artists Like Lady Gaga Kesha And Britney Spears To Figures In Hip-Hop And EDM Such As Chief Keef XXX And Skrillex. It's A Multifaceted Fusion Of Sounds Nurtured By Like-Minded Creatives. Additionally The Concept For #BrooklynBloodPop! Is Tied To The Personality Of Emma Langevin Depicted On The Cover. SyKo Aimed To Create A Sonic Representation Of The Meditative State Where His And Emma's Personalities Merged Resulting In A Soundtrack To Accompany Their Escapades Involving Mischief Boundary-Pushing Adventures And A Spirit Of Rebellion. The Track Rapidly Gained Popularity On Social Media Platforms Especially TikTok Starting In May 2021 And Has Continued To Enjoy Sustained Popularity. The Song Has Amassed Over 251 Million Streams On Spotify. Additionally It Has Been Featured In Over 279 00 Videos With The #BrooklynBloodPop! Hashtag On TikTok Underscoring Its Immense Popularity. 2. SYKO Whose Real Name Is Unknown Is An American Hip-Hop Artist Originating From Portland Oregon Born On June 18th 1980. He Spent Eight Years Of His Childhood In Chicago's South Side Streets And Another Ten Years In Seattle Washington. SYKO An Acronym For S.Killed Y.Oung K.Reative O.Rganism Has Been A Notable Figure In The Independent Hip-Hop Scene Particularly In The Pacific Northwest. His Solo Career Commenced At A Remarkably Young Age With His Independent Solo Album Titled "LYRIKALLY INSANE" Which He Released When He Was Just 18 Years Old. Over The Years SYKO Has Made A Significant Impact On The Burgeoning Northwest Hip-Hop Scene Releasing A Total Of Three Solo Albums Including Two In Collaboration With Warpath "The E.P" And "The Conduction". His 2001 Release "Sykotherapy" Which Was Launched Through The Independent Seattle Label Street Level Records Achieved Widespread Acclaim In The Northwest Region And Earned Praise From Local Communities. During This Period SYKO Experienced A Notable Achievement On Mp3.Com Securing The Top Spot With His Hit Song "I Just Wanna… " Surpassing Artists Such As Snoop Dogg And Nelly. Taking A Brief Hiatus From His Solo Endeavors SYKO Collaborated With The Late Bay Area Icon MAC DRE And Co-Produced Several Hits Most Notably The Northern California Hyphy Anthem "THIZZELLE DANCE". SYKO Was Associated With Thizz Entertainment For A Period Waiting To Release His Anticipated Album "AMERIKKKAN SYKO". MAC DRE Presented SYKO As His "nephew" In The Rap Game And Their Collaboration Culminated In The Release Of "MAC DRE PRESENTS SYKO AMERIKKKAN SYKO VOL ONE" On August 25th 2004. Beyond His Solo Work SYKO Has Contributed To Over 40 Albums As A Producer. 3. Syko Is A Meme & Mashup Producer From Spain.

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