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In The Words Of SAINt JHN "Nobody Needs To Write A Bio For Me. This Is Stupid. My Name Is SAINt JHN That's My Real Name It's Spelled A Little Different Tho. I'm From Brooklyn I Spent Half Of My Childhood Growing Up In Georgetown Guyana. I Was Dirt Poor In Brooklyn And Some Version Of Rich In Guyana Because Apparently 2 Nickles Can Buy You A Sports Car In A 3rd World Country. Who Knew?! I'm From A SUPER Christian Household Where My Mom Forced Us To Go To Every Church Imaginable EVERY SINGLE WEEK! I Hated It. I Still Won't Go To Church To This Day. I'm A Product Of A Father That Was A Hustler Preacher For A Mother And A Rapper For An Older Brother. Jay Z And Beenie Man Were My Musical Hero's Growing Up. I Don't Know How To Describe The Music I Make Don't Know What Genre It Belongs To And I Don't Exactly Care. I Make What I Want To Hear And Paint The Pictures That I Want To See In The World. I Got My Start Writing Songs For Other People I Got Lucky I Don't Know How That Happened But I Did. I Wrote Some Records For Usher Kiesza Gorgon City And A Few Other People. I Was Having Success But Then I Quit Cause Who Wants To Live Their Dreams Through Someone Else's Eyes. So I Put Out My First Project Collection One. And Here We Are Now I Hope You Like Whatever Comes Next Cause I Have No Fvcking Idea!" SAINt JHN Has Since Released His Third Studio Album "While The World Was Burning".

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