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Os Mutantes Is A Brazilian Psychedelic Rock Band Formed During The Tropicalista Movement In 1966 In São Paulo By Arnaldo Baptista Rita Lee And Sérgio Dias. The Band Is Considered One Of The Main Groups In Brazilian Rock. Like Most Groups From The 1960s Os Mutantes Were Heavily Influenced By The Beatles Jimi Hendrix And Sly & The Family Stone. However Brazilian Musicians Were Also Immersed In Their Local Culture Exercising Their Own Creativity In The Use Of Feedback Distortion And Studio Tricks Of All Kinds Just As Was Done By The Liverpool Quartet And The Group The Beach Boys. In This Sense Mutantes Were Pioneers In Mixing Rock And Roll With Brazilian Musical And Thematic Elements. Another Characteristic Of The Group Was Irreverence. Like Os Mutantes There Began To Be A Kind Of Mixture Of Foreign And Brazilian Music And The Addition Of New Ideas With Doses Of Experimentalism Thus Opening The Way For Musical Hybridism. Os Mutantes Began Their Activities In 1966 As A Trio When They Performed On The Program O Pequeno Mundo De Ronnie Von On TV Record. On The Eve Of The Program's Premiere The Trio Had The Name "Os Bruxos" But Neither Rita Lee Nor The Dias Baptista Brothers Arnaldo And Sérgio Were Satisfied With That Name And Wanted To Change It. According To Carlos Calado 2 The Idea For The Name "Os Mutantes" Came From An Ironic Joke Between Alberto Helena Júnior The Program's Producer And Ronnie Von Who At The Time Was Reading O Império Dos Mutantes By Stefan Wul And Did Not Talk About Any Other Subject. "Are You Guys Still Looking For A Name For The Boys Ensemble? Why Not The Mutants?" Ronnie Von Liked Alberto Helena's Idea And Took It To The Group Who Approved It Immediately. The Group Soon Became One Of The Main Exponents Of The New MPB Influenced By Tropicália Until It Dissolved In 1978. Over These Twelve Years Nine Albums Were Recorded Two Of Which - O A E O Z And Tecnicolor - Were Only Released On 1990s When The Group Began To Be Recognized On The National And International Rock Scene As One Of The Most Creative Dynamic Radical And Talented Of The Psychedelic Era And The History Of World Rock. In 2006 The Band Reunited Without Rita Lee Or Liminha But With The Presence Of Arnaldo Baptista And Zélia Duncan On Vocals. The Following Year Arnaldo And Zélia Left The Band Which Was Recomposed With Other Musicians And Continues To Perform Under The Leadership Of Sérgio Dias The Only Remaining Member Of The Original Lineup.

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