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My Ruin Is A Los Angeles-Based Alternative Metal Band Composed Of The Husband And Wife Duo Tairrie B. And Mick Murphy. The Band Has Been Through Various Line-Up Changes Since Its Formation In 1999. Its Fanbase Is Mostly In The UK. Its Sound Consists Of Passionate Vocals Set Against Heavy Rock Beats. Vocalist Tairrie B. Began Her Career In The 1980s As One Of The First Female Rappers Signed To Eazy-E's Ruthless Records And She Is Formerly Of The Bands Tura Satana And Manhole. They Have Released Several Of Their Records Via Their Own Imprint Rovena Recordings And Have Also Been Signed To Snapper Spitfire Century Media Undergroove Records Rovena Recordings And Tiefdruck Musik. Releases Speak & Destroy 1999 UK Release 2000 US Release Spitfire/Snapper A Prayer Under Pressure Of Violent Anguish 2000 Spitfire/Snapper To Britain With Love... And Bruises 2001 Only Released In The UK Live Snapper The Shape Of Things To Come 2003 Century Media The Horror Of Beauty 2003 Century Media The Brutal Language 2005 Rovena/Undergroove Throat Full Of Heart 2008 Rovena/Undergroove Alive On The Other Side 2008 Rovena/Cargo Ghosts And Good Stories 2010 Tiefdruck A Southern Revelation 2011 The Sacred Mood 2013 Free Download From Myruin.Bandcamp.Com Former Members Chris Lisee - Bass 2005-2009 JD - Drums 2008-2009 Marcelo Palomino - Drums 2008 Matt Lechevalier - Drums 2005-2007 Yael - Drums 2000-2005 Jason Brunk - Bass 2005 Jonny Chow - Bass 2004-2005 Meghan Mattox - Bass 1999-2004 Melanie Makaiwi - Guitar & Bass On Speak & Destroy They Have A Dedicated Fanbase Most Notably In The UK. Their Sound Consists Of Passionate And Angry Vocals Set Against Heavy Metal Riffs And Beats. Vocalist Tairrie B And Mick Murphy Began A Side Project Known As The Lvrs. Mick Murphy Has Another Side Project Known As Neanderthal.

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