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Macabre Plaza Is An Anonymously Produced Instrumental Project Out Of Tucson AZ. Little Is Known About Macabre Plaza As They've Kept A Low Profile Outside Of Distributing Music. The Only Known Source Of Communication The Creator Of The Project Has Is A Twitter Account @MacabrePlaza In Which They Randomly Will Tweet Out Once A New Album Is Uploaded To Spotify And Nothing Else. Many Were Quick To Speculate That The Project May Have Been Created/led By Wyatt Shears One Halve Of Infamous Band "The Garden" Due To Instances Of Wyatt Playing And Advocating Their Music And Macabre Plaza's Direct Affiliation With Their Label "Vada Vada". This Theory Unbeknownst To Many Was False. Wyatt Himself Stated On Twitter That Macabre Plaza Is "based In Tucson" And That "They Are Their Own Entity." Back In 2019 Before People Had Even Begun Spreading This Theory. This Although Leads Us Further To Indulge In New Possibilities About The Anonymity In Which Macabre Plaza May Be Numerous Persons Instead Of A Singular Being. That Possibility Though Is Again A Shaky One Being That In The Description Of The YouTube Version Of Their Song "Abandoned Plaza" Posted By The Vada Vada Label It Is Stated That The Song Had Been Written/composed By Someone Named Oreole Which Can Easily Be Interpreted As "Oreole" Being The Hidden Figure Behind The Project All Along. Until Then Little Is Known About The Acclaimed Macabre Plaza And With It's Swift Uprise In Popularity As Of 2023 There Is Plenty Of Fun To Be Had Divulging Into The Rabbit Hole Of Music Commonly Labelled As "elevator Music" That Is Produced Under This Moniker.

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