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There Is More Than One Artist With The Name Lamp. 1. Lamp ランプ Is A Japanese Band Formed In 2000. There Are Three Members Taiyo Someya 染谷大陽 Born 13 November 1979 - Guitar Synthesizer Vibraphone
Yusuke Nagai 永井祐介 Born 22 July 1980 – Vocals Guitar Bass Keyboard
Kaori Sakakibara 榊原香保里 Born 17 November 1979 – Vocals Flute Accordion Formation
Someya Started Playing Guitar In Middle School. In The Folk Club During High School He Became Friends With Nagai Through Their Common Love Of 60’s Music. During College When A Friend Introduced Sakakibara To Someya He Decided To Start Lamp. On 9 April 2003 Lamp Released Their First Album Soyokaze Apartment Room 201 そよ風アパートメント201 . Someya Has Cited Manga Artist Yoshiharu Tsuge As An Influence On The First Album's Lyrics. On 11 February 2004 They Released Their Second Album For Lovers 恋人へ . Despite Selling Less Than Their First Album For Lovers Became A Fan Favorite Over The Years. On 25 May 2005 They Released Their Third Album Komorebi Dori Nite 木洩陽通りにて . On 7 March 2007 They Released An EP Zanko 残光 . On 3 December 2008 They Released Their Fourth Album Lamp Genso ランプ幻想 . On 4 August 2010 They Released Their Fifth Album The Poetry Of August 八月の詩情 . On 9 February 2011 They Released Their Sixth Album Tokyo Utopia Correspondence 東京ユウトピア通信 . Botanical House Tours
On 5 February 2014 Lamp Released Their Seventh Album Dream ゆめ . The Album Cover Was Drawn By Illustrator Seiichi Hayashi 林静一 . They Also Started Their Own Label Botanical House. They Collaborated With San Francisco-Based Band The Bilinda Butchers On Their Debut Album Heaven. On 13 March 2015 The Band Released A Compilation Album Ame Ni Hana 雨に花 . In 2017 They Toured In China Including Shenzhen Beijing And Shanghai. On 20 April They Performed In Taipei. On 15 May 2018 They Released Their Seventh Album Her Watch 彼女の時計 . On 23 July The Band Released The Single "Place In My Dream/tabibito" 夢の国 / 旅人 . On 1 August 2018 They Released The Split Single "Blue" ブルー A Collaboration With The Bilinda Butchers. In August And September Lamp Asia Tour 2018 - A Distant Shore Performing In Cities Such As Beijing Tokyo Fukuoka Seoul Hong Kong And Taipei. In October They Performed At Kirari Music Festival In Fujimi. Stardust In Blue And Dusk To Dawn
On 8 September 2020 Lamp Released An Album Called Stardust In Blue 秋の惑星、ハートはナイトブルー。 Which Was A Collaboration With Japanese Musician Kaede And Features Vocals From UWANOSORA. 3 Years And One Month Later On 10 October 2023 At 12 AM JST Lamp Released Their 9th And Latest Album Dusk To Dawn 一夜のペーソス . Style And Influences
Lamp's Style Has Been Described As Shibuya-Kei City Pop And Café Music But They Have Also Been Described As Difficult To Place Into One Genre. They Often Incorporated Elements Of Bossa Nova Jazz Soul And Funk Into Their Music. They Have Cited Brazilian Music The Beatles The Beach Boys And Simon & Garfunkel As Influences. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2. Lamp Is An Experimental Electronic Rock Duo From Chicago IL. Chris Ash And David Curtin Have Bounced Around From Band To Band For Several Years. After Playing Together In The Band Holdfast For A Short Time Lamp Is Their First Full-Fledged Collaboration. Dense Electronic Textures Coupled With Stadium-Sized Guitar Tones Sit Comfortably Beside Whimsical Piano Melodies And Acoustic Elegies On Their Debut Album Tigerlily. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3. Lamp Is An Irish Experimental Rock Band Bandcamp .

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