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Judas Priest Is An English Heavy Metal Band Formed In Birmingham Warwickshire In 1969. They Have Sold Over 50 Million Albums And Are Frequently Ranked As One Of The Greatest Metal Bands Of All Time. Despite An Innovative And Pioneering Body Of Work In The Latter Half Of The 1970s The Band Had Struggled With Indifferent Record Production And A Lack Of Major Commercial Success Until 1980 When They Rose To Commercial Success With The Album British Steel. The Band's Membership Has Seen Much Turnover Including A Revolving Cast Of Drummers In The 1970s And The Departure Of Singer Rob Halford In 1992. Tim "Ripper" Owens Formerly Of Winter's Bane Replaced Halford In 1996 And Recorded Two Albums With Judas Priest Before Halford Returned To The Band In 2003. The Current Line-Up Consists Of Halford Guitarists Glenn Tipton And Richie Faulkner Bassist Ian Hill And Drummer Scott Travis. The Band's Best-Selling Album Is 1982's Screaming For Vengeance With Their Most Commercially Successful Line-Up Featuring Ian Hill Rob Halford Glenn Tipton Guitarist K. K. Downing And Drummer Dave Holland. Tipton And Hill Are The Only Two Members Of The Band To Appear On Every Album. Halford's Operatic Vocal Style And The Twin Guitar Sound Of Downing And Tipton Have Been A Major Influence On Heavy Metal Bands. Judas Priest's Image Of Leather Spikes And Other Taboo Articles Of Clothing Were Widely Influential During The Glam Metal Era Of The 1980s. The Guardian Referred To British Steel As The Record That Defines Heavy Metal. Despite A Decline In Exposure During The Mid-1990s The Band Has Once Again Seen A Resurgence Including Worldwide Tours Being Inaugural Inductees Into The VH1 Rock Honors In 2006 Receiving A Grammy Award For Best Metal Performance In 2010 And Having Their Songs Featured In Video Games Such As Guitar Hero And The Rock Band Series. In 2022 Judas Priest Were Inducted Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Full Wikipedia Article Https //en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Judas_Priest Studio Albums
Rocka Rolla 1974 Sad Wings Of Destiny 1976 Sin After Sin 1977 Stained Class 1978 Killing Machine 1978 British Steel 1980 Point Of Entry 1981 Screaming For Vengeance 1982 Defenders Of The Faith 1984 Turbo 1986 Ram It Down 1988 Painkiller 1990 Jugulator 1997 Demolition 2001 Angel Of Retribution 2005 Nostradamus 2008 Redeemer Of Souls 2014 Firepower 2018 Invincible Shield 2024

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