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Insane Clown Posse Abbreviated As ICP Is An American Hip-Hop Duo Composed Of Violent J Joseph Bruce And Shaggy 2 Dope Joseph Utsler . ICP Has Earned Two Platinum And Five Gold Albums. According To Nielsen SoundScan The Entire Catalog Of The Group Has Sold 6.5 Million Units In The United States And Canada As Of April 2007. The Group Has Established A Dedicated Following Called Juggalos Numbering In The "tens Of Thousands". Founded In Detroit In 1989 Insane Clown Posse Performs A Style Of Hardcore Hip Hop Known As Horrorcore And Is Known For Its Elaborate Live Performances. Originally Known As JJ Boyz And Inner City Posse The Group Introduced Supernatural- And Horror-Themed Lyrics As A Means Of Distinguishing Itself Stylistically. The Duo Founded The Independent Record Label Psychopathic Records With Alex Abbiss As Manager And Produced And Starred In The Feature Films Big Money Hustlas And Big Money Rustlas. They Formed Their Own Professional Wrestling Promotion Juggalo Championship Wrestling And Later Collaborated With Many Hip Hop And Rock Musicians. The Songs Of Insane Clown Posse Center Thematically On The Mythology Of The Dark Carnival A Metaphoric Limbo In Which The Lives Of The Dead Are Judged By One Of Several Entities. The Dark Carnival Is Elaborated Through A Series Of Stories Called Joker's Cards Each Of Which Offers A Specific Lesson Designed To Change The "evil Ways" Of Listeners Before "the End Consumes Us All". The Original Lineup Of Insane Clown Posse Was John Utsler John Kickjazz Joe Bruce Violent J And Joey Utsler Shaggy 2 Dope . John Utsler Left Before Carnival Of Carnage Was Released In 1992. Insane Clown Posse's Performance Style Is Often Described As Horrorcore Hip Hop Which "utilize Shocking And Blatantly Over-The-Top Narratives To Give An Over-Exaggerated Almost Cartoon-Like Version Of Urban Deprivation In Detroit" According To Author Sara Cohen. Bruce And Utsler Describe Many Of Their Lyrics As Being Tongue-In-Cheek. The Group's Early Work Features A Raw Minimalistic Sound Which Later Evolved Into A More Rock-Oriented Style. The Group's Lyrics Serve As Morality Tales With Songs Focusing On Subjects Such As Cannibalism Murder And Necrophilia. Insane Clown Posse's Debut Album Carnival Of Carnage Features A Politically-Oriented Focus Criticizing Elitism And Prejudice Against Those Who Live In The Ghetto While The Album's Liner Notes Criticize The Gulf War. The Group's Lyrics Have Opposed Racism Bigotry Domestic Violence And Child Abuse. Insane Clown Posse Has Covered Songs By Geto Boys Sly Fox And Above The Law. Bruce And Utsler Refer To Ice Cube Awesome Dre Geto Boys And Esham As Influences On Their Own Music While Bruce Has Expressed Admiration For Gong Pearl Jam And Michael Jackson. Mike E. Clark's Production For The Group Incorporates Elements Such As "carnival Organ Riffs Power Chords And Shotgun Blasts...Banjolike Plucking And Van Halen-Esque Guitar Squeals" While Bruce And Utsler Sometimes Alternate Between Rapping And Screaming. Bruce Has Credited Pop Music As An Influence On Some Of The Group's Material Even Terming The Music "Wicked Pop". Bruce Has Also Stated "We Do Our Own Genre Of Music". In His Review Of The Tempest Allmusic's David Jeffries Writes That Bruce And Utsler " Rap In A Carnival Barker Fashion That Fits With Their Circus Motif Their Insane Clown Disguises And Mike E. Clark's Big Top-Inspired Production." Insane Clown Posse Has Influenced Similar Acts Such As Axe Murder Boyz Blaze Ya Dead Homie And Boondox.

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