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The 'Guru Josh Project' Dissolved In 2009 And The Members Of The Group Have All Gone Their Own Separate Ways. Http //www.Gurujoshproject.Com/
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Track To Which The Group Became Famous For Was 'Infinity 2008 By The Guru Josh Project Klass Remix ' Which Went On To Sell Multi-Platinum Around The World And Became The World's Biggest Ever Selling Dance Track. 2007 Darren Bailie And Guru Josh Discussed The Possibility Of Remixing Guru Josh's Classic Track '1990 Time For The Guru' And Thus From This A Remix Was Born However The Initial Reception To This Remix Was Poor. In An Effort To Gain Attention To This Mix Darren Bailie After Discussions With Guru Josh Sent The Remix To Various Record Labels And Eventually 'Big City Beats' Of Germany Saw Potential In The Track And Signed The Track. Big City Beats However Were Not Taken With The Submitted Version And Instead Contacted Various Remixers In An Effort To Rework It In The End They Approached 'Klass' Who Agreed To Remix The Song. From This 'Infinity 2008 By The Guru Josh Project Klass Remix Was Born Through The Involvement And Support Of Big City Beats In Germany. The Rest As They Say Is History.... Anders Nyman Can Be Contacted Via Http //www.Andersnymanmusic.Com/
Darren Bailie Can Be Contacted Via Http //www.Darrenbailie.Com/
Guru Josh Can Contacted Via Http //www.Guru-Josh.Com

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