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There Are Two Artists With The Name Garish 1 Garish Is An Austrian Alternative Rock Band. Members Kurth Grath Bass *1980 Christoph Jarmer Guitars *1981 Thomas Jarmer Vocals *1979 Markus Perner Drums *1980 Julian Schneeberger Guitars *1980 . Released Albums "amaurose Pur." 1999 "wo Die Nacht Erzaehlt Vom Tag" 2002 "Absender Auf Achse" 2004 "Zu Gast Im Studio 2 Live Acoustic " 2005 "Tintenfischalarm Soundtrack " 2006 And "Parade" 2007 . After Having Asserted Themselves In The Alternative Scene Inside And Outside Austria's Borders With Their First Two Records "amaurose Pur." And "wo Die Nacht Erzaehlt Vom Tag" Their Third Album "Absender Auf Achse" Gained Overwhelming Press And Fan Reaction. Despite German Lyrics It Is Said That Their Very Emotional Style Of Music Is Their "real Language". The Band's Name Is An English Adjective Meaning Dazzling Stridently Colored Or Excessively Ornamented Gaudy Ostentatious Tastelessly Showy Tacky Or In Raucously Poor Taste. 2 An Electronic Music Artist From Russia Called Garish
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