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City Morgue Is A Trap Metal Duo That Consists Of ZillaKami And SosMula Two Rappers Hailing From New York. They Are Known For Their Distinctive Style Grills Bandanas And Ripped Jeans With Patches With Loud Harsh Vocal Performances And Heavy Droning Production. They Describe Themselves As A Rap Hardcore And Punk Hybrid. They Released Their Debut Mixtape "City Morgue Vol 1 Hell Or High Water" On The 12th Of October 2018. Shortly Before This They Released The Small EP "Be Patient." On December 13 2019 City Morgue Released Their Second Album "City Morgue Vol. 2 As Good As Dead" Featuring IDK And Denzel Curry. On July 23 2020 City Morgue Released A Video For "HURTWORLD '99" Which Acted As The Lead Single For Their "TOXIC BOOGALOO" Mixtape That Was Released On July 31 2020. They Also Released Videos For "THE ELECTRIC EXPERIENCE" And "YAKUZA" On August 5 And August 12 2020 Respectively. The Duo Spent Majority Of 2021 On Their Solo Careers With SosMula Dropping His Debut Mixtape "13 SONGS 2 DIE 2" And ZillaKami Releasing His Debut Mixtape "DOG BOY" Right After. On October 15 2021 City Morgue Released Their Third Album "City Morgue Vol 3 Bottom Of The Barrel". On March 11 2022 Keith Ape Released His Collaborative EP With City Morgue "$MOKE UNDER THE WATER".

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