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Brave Girls 브레이브걸스 Now Known As BBGirls Was A South Korean Girl Group Formed Under Brave Entertainment. The Group's Final Line-Up Consisted Of Minyoung 민영 Yujeong 유정 Eunji 은지 And Yuna 유나 . They Made Their Debut As A Five-Member Group With The Leader EunYoung 은영 Yejin 예진 Hyeran 혜란 Seoah 서아 And Yujin 유진 On April 8 2011 Through KBS’s Music Bank After Almost A Month Of Promotional Teasers. Their Single Album The Difference Was Also Released On The Same Day. After A Two-Year Hiatus They Returned In 2016 With Five New Members With Only Hyeran And Yujin Remaining From The Original Line-Up. On January 13 2017 It Was Announced That Yujin Had Decided To Leave The Group To Study Abroad And Focus On Her Education And That Hyeran Was On Hiatus Due To Health Issues. Hyeran Later Revealed On An Instagram Story That She Left The Group. On February 26 It Was Announced That The Group Would Be Releasing Their Fourth Mini-Album Titled Rollin' On March 7 Their First Release As A Five-Member Group. The Group Returned On August 11 2018 With A New Version Of "Rollin'". Hayun Was Also Announced To Be Going On Hiatus Due To Health Issues. It Was Announced In March 2019 That She Had Left The Group. On February 23 2021 A Stage Mix Of "Rollin'" Stages With Comments From Soldiers Was Posted On YouTube. The Video Went Viral And As A Result The Song Rose To The Charts Accumulating 7 Music Show Wins And 262 Perfect All-Kills. Members Yujeong And Minyoung Revealed That They Were About To Disband If Not For The Video And The Song's Huge Reception. The Group Released 3 Mini-Albums Summer Queen After ‘We Ride’ And THANK YOU After Their Blow-Up. They Participated In Mnet's Reality Show For Girl Groups Titled Queendom 2 In 2022. They Announced Their Disbandment On February 15 2023 After All The Four Remaining Members Decided To Not Renew Their Contracts With Brave Entertainment. However On 27 April 2023 It Was Announced That Minyoung Yujeong Eunji And Yuna Signed An Exclusive Contract With Warner Music Korea. Later On May 3 Warner Music Declared That The Remaining Brave Girls Members Would Regroup As BB GIRLS Due To Brave Owning The Trademark For The 'Brave Girls' Name. Previous Members Consisted Of Park Eunyoung 박은영 2011-2013 Officially Left In 2016 Park Seoah 박서아 2011-2013 Officially Left In 2016 Han Yejin 한예진 2011-2013 Officially Left In 2016 Jung Yujin 정유진 2011-2017 Noh Hyeran 노혜란 2011-2017 Officially Left In 2019 Lee Hayun 이하윤 2016-2018 Officially Left In 2019

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