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The Al-Kindi correctly Spelled Al-Kindî Ensemble Founded In 1983 By The Swiss-French Virtuoso Of Arab Zither qânûn Julien Jâlal Eddine Weiss Resident In Aleppo capital Of Northern Syria And A Stopping Place On The Famous Silk Road Is Currently Rated Among The Best Formations Devoted To Classical Arab Music Owing To The Musical Qualities Displayed By Its Performers And To The High Standard Of Its Work Steeped In The Various Musical Traditions Of The Near And Middle East. The Group Takes Its Name From The Famous 9th Century Arab Philosopher Abu Yusuf Ya‘qub Ibn Ishaq Al-Kindi ca. 800–870 CE And Just Like The Philosopher Surrounded Himself With Hellenistic Persian Syriac And Indian Lectures The Group Takes Inspiration From Different Traditions. Its Repertoire Is Drawn From The So-Called Arab-Andalusian Tradition Of North Africa The Heir Of The Magnificent Islamic Civilization Of Spain It Delved Into The Syro-Egyptian Tradition Which Flourished During The Artistic Renaissance Al Nahda Of The 19th Century And Found Inspiration In The Iraqi Tradition In The Footsteps Of The Abbassid Dynasty And As Well In The Turkish Instrumental Music Of The Ottoman Empire. The Group Worked First As A Quartet Then As A Septet Went Through A Trio Period And Presently Is A Takht Sharqi traditional Oriental Ensemble . This Is Composed Of A Qânun a Table Zither With Pinched Strings An Ud oriental Lute A Nay reed Flute And A Riqq small Tambourine With Little Cymbals . Their Official Site In Both English And French Is Http //www.Alkindi.Org. Read More On Last.Fm. User-Contributed Text Is Available Under The Creative Commons By-SA License Additional Terms May Apply.

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