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Samantha by Theatre Of Tragedy

Artist Biography For Theatre Of Tragedy

Theatre Of Tragedy Was A Gothic Metal Band Originally Assembled In 1993 In Stavanger Norway By Hein Frode Hansen Raymond István Rohonyi And Lorentz Aspen Together With Tommy Lindal Pål Bjastad And Liv Kristine. Their Earlier Albums Have Provided A Great Deal Of Influence To The Gothic Metal Genre. The Band Was One Of The First Ones Who Made Use Of Contrasting Vocals - Male Bass Vocals And Death Growls And Female Soprano Singing. On Their First Three Albums Theatre Of Tragedy Velvet Darkness They Fear Aégis Theatre Of Tragedy Presented Lyrics Written Predominantly In Early Modern English A Precedent To Modern English Used In And Around Shakespearean Times. Starting From The Album Musique However The Band Made Drastic Changes To Their Style Which Became Significantly Inspired By Electro-Rock And Electro-Pop Abandoning Early Modern English Lyrics Writing Heavier Guitar Riffing And Death Growls In The Process. This Style Change Was Consequently Continued On The Following Album Assembly. After A Long Break And After Changing The Female Vocalist Due To Musical Differences And Furthermore Their Management And The Record Label Theatre Of Tragedy Released Their New Album Storm The First One With Their New Singer Nell Sigland From The Crest . On This Album The Electronic Influences Are Reduced Again In Favour Of Simplicity And Naturalism. According To Hein Frode Hansen Storm Is To Be Seen As The Missing Link Between Aégis And Musique. The New Album Forever Is The World Reverts Back To The Gothic Metal Roots But Keeps The Atmospheric Metal Styling Of Storm. The Band Said The Album Was Very Much Written By Nell As Well As Other Band Members Moreover It Was Partially Written Before Storm Was. It Is Seen To Be More Organic Than Their Last 3 Albums And Has Been Both Praised And Criticised By Fans Though Most Publications Seem To Praise It From Being Different To The Symphonic Metal That Is Very Much Popularised In Today's Music Industry. The Band Split On October 2nd 2010 Exactly 17 Years After Forming. The Final Curtain Show Was Played In Stavanger Norway And Was Recorded Live For A Later DVD Release. Final Lineup * Raymond István Rohonyi - Vocals & Programming
* Nell Sigland - Vocals - The Crest * Frank Claussen - Guitars
* Vegard K. Thorsen - Guitars
* Lorentz Aspen - Keyboards
* Hein Frode Hansen - Drums - Ex-Phobia Former Members * Liv Kristine Espenæs Krull - Vocals - Leaves' Eyes Liv Kristine Atrocity Guest Cradle Of Filth Guest * Tommy Lindal - Guitars
* Tommy Olsson - Guitars
* Pål Bjåstad - Guitars
* Geir Flikkeid - Guitars
* Eirik T. Saltrø - Bass Albums 1995 - Theatre Of Tragedy
1996 - Velvet Darkness They Fear
1998 - Aégis
2000 - Musique
2001 - Closure Live
2002 - Assembly
2003 - Two Originals Compilation 2006 - Storm
2009 - Forever Is The World Singles And EPs 1994 - Theatre Of Tragedy Demo Demo 1996 - Der Tanz Der Schatten Single 1997 - A Rose For The Dead EP 1998 - Cassandra Single 2000 - Image Single 2001 - Machine Single 2001 - Inperspective EP 2002 - Let You Down Single 2002 - Envision Single 2006 - Storm Single 2010 - Addenda EP Official Site Www.Theatreoftragedy.Com

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