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Head On Phantom by Lake Of Tears

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Lake Of Tears Is A Swedish Rock / Metal Band Formed In 1992 In Borås Sweden. It Is Mostly Known For The Wide Range Of Different Styles Employed Over The Course Of Its Releases - Ranging From Death Doom Metal To Progressive Rock Gothic Rock And Even Folk - And The Continuously High Marks For Songwriting And Guitar Work It Received From Music Critics. The Band Broke Up Shortly After Their Fourth Release Forever Autumn In 1999 But To Honor Their Contract With Black Mark They Released Another Album Titled The Neonai 2002 Which Was Finished Off By The Band Leader Daniel Brennare Voice Guitar Alone With Little Help Of Then Guest Guitarist Now Full Member Magnus Sahlgren. But The Band Members Still Continued To Hold Contact And After A Joint Rehearsal Session In The Summer Of 2003 - Meant To Kill Boredom - They Got Back Together. The Chemistry Between The Musicians Was As Good As Ever And Once The Rust Had Been Shaken Off They Set About Working On Ideas For New Tracks. With Mikael Larsson On Bass Guitar And Johan Oudhuis On Drums Lake Of Tears Released Their 7th Studio Album Moons And Mushrooms On April 26th 2007. The Album Features An Increasingly Heavy Approach To Guitar-Work Which Is Emblematic Of The New Release. Though Still Having Mainly A Gothic Metal Sound There Are Some Progressive Metal Influences Through The Album As Well Regarding The Guitar Riffs. Unlike Black Brick Road Whose Melodies Were Primarily Conceived Via Keyboard Experimentation Moons And Mushrooms Features Songs Originating From The Band's Recent Sporadic Touring. Thus The Riffs Were The First Musical Element Conceived Resulting In A Heavier Darker Sound. Many Songs Lyrics And Guitar Tabs Are Available For Download From Their Official Site Www.Lakeoftears.Net Discography 1994 - Greater Art
1995 - Headstones
1997 - A Crimson Cosmos
1999 - Forever Autumn
2002 - The Neonai
2004 - Black Brick Road
2007 - Moons And Mushrooms
2011 - Illwill
2021 - Ominous Past Members Jonas Eriksson - Guitar
Ulrik Lindblom - Guitar
Christian Saarinen - Keyboards

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