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A critique of the sellouts watering down their sound for mainstream success. Even though Guru and Primo did more commercial projects separately, together their output was always 100% hardcore Hip Hop. Any wider success Gang Starr achieved was due to the mainstream crossing over to them rather than vice versa. DJ Premier said the following about “Mass Appeal”: "We were really making fun of radio, and it became our biggest radio record. And to this day it’s one of my favorites ever." DJ Premier via Complex: "It was recorded as a joke. We just wanted to make fun of the radio on what it sounded like to get airplay. That’s why I made the background melody real simplistic. I was making fun of the radio, but I’m going to make a funky version of making fun of it. Everything’s a vision, and your brain has to be that intense to be able to capture that. What the radio played, when it came to hip-hop, it sounded too watered down. That was making fun of it, but that record did real good for us. We shot the video in Riis beach out in Far Rockaway, but don’t mention that video, man. It was cold, too cold." Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.