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There Are Multiple Artists Named Tyler 1 Tyler Is An Incorrect Tag For Tyler The Creator A California Rapper/Singer Due To Some Scrobblers Separating Artists By Commas Separating Tyler From The Creator So Only Tyler Gets Scrobbled 2 Tyler Is A Japanese Female R&B Singer. 3 Tyler Is A Band From Exeter Who Formed In 1999 And Went On Until September 11th 2003. 4 Tyler Is A Band From Austria 5 Tyler Is A DJ From Hungary. Crank Heart And The "minden Érted Van" Mixes Are Made By Him. 6 Tyler Is The Name Under Which Tyler Watkins Bassist For Margot & The Nuclear So & So's Plays Solo. 7 Tyler Is The Name Under Which Tyler Norris Vocalist For Tomorrow Will Always Triumph Plays Solo. 8 Tyler Is An Indie Band From Monterrey Mexico. 9 Tyler Is The Engineer For The After Show For Loveline Entitled "The Loveline After Disaster."

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