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The Music Of Ethiopia Is Extremely Diverse With Each Of Ethiopia's Ethnic Groups Being Associated With Unique Sounds. Some Forms Of Traditional Music Are Strongly Influenced By Folk Music From Elsewhere In The Horn Of Africa Especially Somalia. However Ethiopian Religious Music Also Has An Ancient Christian Element Traced To Yared Who Lived During The Reign Of Gabra Masqal. In Northeastern Ethiopia In Wollo A Muslim Musical Form Called Manzuma Developed. Sung In Amharic Manzuma Has Spread To Harar And Jimma Where It Is Now Sung In The Oromo Language. In The Ethiopian Highlands Traditional Secular Music Is Played By Itinerant Musicians Called Azmaris Who Are Regarded With Both Suspicion And Respect In Ethiopian Society. Long-Standing Popular Music Trends In Ethiopia Include Brass Bands And Jazz-Influenced Music. Since 1997 Buda Musique's Éthiopiques Series Has Compiled Many Ethiopian Singles And Albums. One Of The Biggest New Trends However Has Been The Rise Of Bolel A Sort Of Blues-Like Music Played By Sarcastic Azmari Playing In Parts Of Addis Ababa. Read More On Last.Fm. User-Contributed Text Is Available Under The Creative Commons By-SA License Additional Terms May Apply. Ethiopian Every artist, every band, and every song you can imagine, from the newest to the oldest, are easily accessible through Frogtoon Music. Get ready to indulge yourself and allow the music to enrich your soul, ignite your passion, awaken your emotions, and bring back some beautiful memories. The following is a directory of top artists and bands from Ethiopia:

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