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1 A Hispanic Rapper From San Francisco.
Ramirez Or Rvmirxz Both Forms Are Used Is A Rapper And Co-Founder Of The Independent Record Label G*59 With Ruby Da Cherry And $crim. He Draws Influences From UGK Tommy Wright Lll Three 6 Mafia Outkast DJ Screw KeKe And Andre Nickatina. He Is Currently 28 Years Old And He Gained Underground Fame From Making Two Collaboration Mixtapes With The $uicideboy$. 2 A Brazillian Indie Rock Band From Rio De Janeiro. 3 A Grindcore Thrash Band From Winnipeg Manitoba Adam Joel Steve Jay Alex - Super Fast Satanic Grindcore From The Praries. 4 An Oldschool House Project.
This Was A Project Of The Italian/Spanish DFC Dancefloor Coorporation Label Produced By Many Members Of Their Production Team Alongside Main Member Ramirez. Davide Rizzati Elvio Moratto Ricki Persi Were The Musicians Alex Quiroz Buelvas Was The Singer And Front-Man For Videos And Performances. 5 A Finnish Downtempo Artist Appears In Meadow Music 2005 By Cheeky Punster 6 A Croatian Indie Rock Band From Zagreb With Four Albums So Far Ramirez 2004 Copy/Paste 2006 Divovi I Kamikaze 2009 And Svijet Je Lijep 2011 . Singles Iste Cipele Sve Je OK Otjeraj Me Barcelona Ništa Posebno ZOO Učini Nešto Danas Sedam And Ti I Ja.

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