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Maclean Porter, better known as "Nessly" was born January 14, 1995 in the Flatbush district of Brooklyn,New York. At the age of 4, he moved to Georgia, where he was raised and started to explore his musical talents. Around age 12,Nessly began to record music under the moniker "Young Ness" and would upload freestyles and "day in the life" style footage to the social media/video sharing site, YouTube. After studying the music and culture of hip-hop, Nessly began to work on remodeling himself as an artist. At age 16, Nessly began releasing his "Lucid Dreaming" mixtape series, which has become some of his most credited music towards the new sound he has created, including the most self production he has ever released on his projects. According to research, 2012 has been Nessly's most successful year in his musical career thusfar. He was featured in the New York Times newspaper for music production, and has achieved his peak in views and downloads (Youtube.com/Livemixtapes.com) Now age 17, Nessly is moving more rapidly than ever.

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