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Dice by Nmixx

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NMIXX 엔믹스 Is A Six-Member Girl Group Under JYP Entertainment And Formed By SQU4D Its Sub-Label. Their Name NMIXX Is A Word Made Up Of The Letter "N" Which Means Now New Close And The Unknown N And The Word "MIX" Which Symbolizes Combination And Diversity Meaning "the Best Combination For A New Era". NMIXX Debuted On February 22 2022 With The Title Track "O.O" Featured In The EP "AD MARE" Which Introduced A New Musical Genre Called MIXX POP That Blends Two Or More Genres Into One Song Creating A Fun And Experimental Sound That Represents The Group´s Aura. On August 21 2022 JYPE Announced The Group´s First Comeback. On September 19 At 6 Pm KST NMIXX´s Second EP "ENTWURF" Was Released Alongside Its Title Track "DICE". On November 11 2O22 At Midnight KST The Group Announced The Release Of Their First INTERMIXXION Single Called "Funky Glitter Christmas" On December 8 2022 JYP Announced Member Jinni's Departure From NMIXX And JYP. Members Lily 릴리 - Main Vocalist
Haewon 해원 - Leader Main Vocalist
Sullyoon 설윤 - Lead Vocalist Dancer Visual
Bae 배이 - Vocalist Lead Dancer
Jiwoo 지우 - Vocalist Lead Dancer Main Rapper
Kyujin 규진 - Vocalist Main Dancer Rapper Center Maknae Former Jinni 지니 - Main Dancer Center

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