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"Bruises" centers around the idea of rejection and moving on from a toxic relationship. In the beginning of the song, the repetition of the phrase "just right" seems to be expressing a desire for perfection in a relationship, but quickly shifts as the lyrics convey how the narrator feels trapped in the relationship. The line, "Push me when I'm down, I'm leaving but you hound me" conveys how the protagonist feels stuck in the relationship despite wanting to leave. The chorus repeats the phrase "find another way", which can be interpreted as the narrator looking for a new path away from this relationship. The line, "You wait for the encore, wait 'til it breaks, wait for something to change, I can't relate, boy", suggests that the protagonist has lost hope in trying to fix the relationship and is ready to move on. The middle section of the song takes on a more confident tone as the narrator takes control of their situation. The line, "But I changed my fate and my girl did the same, and we came to destroy", highlights a newfound sense of empowerment and resolution to move on from the toxic relationship. Overall, "Bruises" speaks about the difficulties of leaving someone you love but who is ultimately toxic for you. The song encourages finding a new way forward and taking control of one's own destiny. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.