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Constant Repeat by Charli Xcx

Biographie de l'artiste pour Charli Xcx

Charlotte Aitchison Plus Connue Sous Son Nom De Scène Charli XCX Est Une Auteure-Compositrice-Interprète Britannique Née Le 2 Août 1992. Elle A Sorti Deux EP En 2012 Et Son Premier Album Studio True Romance Début 2013. Elle A Collaboré En 2012 Sur La Chanson I Love It Du Groupe Icona Pop.

Frogtoon Musique - Informations sur la chanson: Constant Repeat

"Constant Repeat" Is About Heartbreak And Regret. The Singer Reflects On How The Person She Loved Was Scared Away And Let The Chance Of A Lifetime Go Without Taking Action. She Questions If The Person Ever Thinks Of Her And Wonders Why They Decided To Let Her Go. The Chorus Is A Reminder That The Person Had The Chance To Have A Bad Girl By Their Side But Instead Chose To Let Her Go. The Outro Of The Song Reiterates The Theme By Stating That They Have Her On Constant Repeat In Their Mind. The Song Conveys The Sense Of Regret And Unfulfilled Potential That Often Follows The End Of A Relationship.

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