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My Kink Is Karma by Chappell Roan

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Kayleigh Rose Amstutz Born February 19 1998 Known Professionally As Chappell Roan Is An American Singer And Songwriter. Working With Long-Time Collaborator Dan Nigro Her Music Is Inspired By 80s Synth-Pop And Early 2000s Pop Hits. Her Music Is Heavily Influenced By Drag Queens And Is Often Described As "campy". When She Was 17 Years Old Roan Uploaded A Song Titled "Die Young" To YouTube Leading Atlantic Records To Sign Her To The Label. In Summer 2020 She Released A Song Titled "Pink Pony Club" Which Vulture Described As "the Song Of Summer 2021". Her Debut Album "The Rise And Fall Of A Midwest Princess" Was Released On September 22 2023 Through Island Records Amusement Records And KRA International.

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“My Kink Is Karma” Is A Song By The American Singer-Songwriter Chappell Roan. The Song Is About The Concept Of Karma Which Is The Idea That Our Actions In This Life Will Have Consequences In The Future. In The Song Roan Explores The Idea Of How The Universe Will Eventually Bring Justice To Those Who Do Wrong And That The Cycle Of Cause And Effect Will Catch Up With Them. The Title “My Kink Is Karma” Is A Play On Words The Phrase “my Kink Is…” Is Often Used In Pop Culture To Describe An Unusual Or Unconventional Sexual Preference. However In This Song Roan Is Using The Phrase To Express Her Belief That The Concept Of Karma Is What Drives Her Actions And Decisions In Life Particularly Concerning Her Ex-Lover. “I’ve Been Through Some Pretty Gnarly Breakups. I Was Just Sitting In The Session And I Was Like ‘Ah It Feels So Nice That My Ex Is Doing Horrible!’ Which Is Insanely Toxic. The Song Is Toxic! I’m Very Aware That It’s Not Healthy. But That’s How I Was Feeling That Day.“ — Via Into More

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