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“Casual“ is an angsty slow-burn rock ballad bemoaning a situationship that is labeled as such, but clearly means more. In an interview with WECB.FM, Roan noted that the story is based off of a real life experience: “The whole song came from like, I heard from their friend that they were saying it was casual, when I didn’t think it was. I did not think it was, but apparently it was, so. And to me I was like, how could this be? How could this be casual?“ While promoting the song on TikTok, Roan explained “I wrote this song bc I am legitimately so tired of love turning into situationships. And I know my friends are so tired about hearing about the sh*t show of my love life.” She elaborated further on the story of the song and music video for Coup de Main Magazine, saying: “The video is a representation of how I dream of a serious relationship with someone in my head, but in reality it may be far from that. Even if it may not feel like it, if there are no labels, it’s just casual.“ Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.