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Black Mamba by Aespa

Biographie de l'artiste pour Aespa

Aespa Stylized In All Lowercase Or Æspa Is A South Korean Girl Group Formed By SM Entertainment. The Group Consists Of Four Members Karina 카리나 Giselle 지젤 Winter 윈터 And Ningning 닝닝 . They Debuted On November 17 2020 With The Single "Black Mamba". The Group's Name Aespa Combines The English Initials Of "avatar" And "experience" Avatar X Experience With The English Word "aspect" Meaning "two Sides" To Symbolize The Idea Of "meeting Another Self And Experiencing The New World". Each Member Has A Digital Version Of Themselves Referred To As Avatars. On January 29 2021 SM Entertainment Announced Aespa Would Release A Remake Of "Forever 약속 " The Single Originally By Yoo Young-Jin For SM Entertainment's 2000 Holiday Album Winter Vacation In SMTOWN.Com In 2000. Aespa's Version Of The Song A "mid-Tempo Ballad Characterized By Acoustic Guitar Sound" With "warm Lyrics About Promising Forever To A Loved One" Was Released On February 5 That Year. On May 6 2021 At 12 AM KST Aespa Released Their First Teasers For A New Project A Still Image And A Cryptic Video Featuring The Words "Next Level." Later That Day At 9 AM KST The Official Announcement For Aespa’s Comeback Was Released Revealing That "Next Level" Was The Name Of Their Upcoming Single. The Song Was Released On May 17 2021. On October 5 2021 At 6 PM KST Aespa Released Their Debut EP Savage - The 1st Mini Album Which Featured A Title Track With The Same Name Alongside 5 Other Songs.

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